Friday, October 9, 2015 has Information to Help You Understand the Health Care Law’s Effect on Your Taxes

There is a lot of information in the news and online about the health care law and its effect on your taxes. For the most up-to-date answers to questions you may have, visit
From A to Z and ISRP to MEC, the IRS website covers a wide range of health care topics and how they relate to your taxes.
The IRS knows that you want to understand how the health care law may affect you when filing your taxes next year. When questions come up, is a great place for you to begin finding the answers you need – when you need them.
This information is especially important for individuals.  Health coverage providers and employers will provide health coverage statements to covered individuals for the first time in 2016. The IRS will continue to post information as you get ready to prepare and file your 2015 tax return.
At, you’ll find frequently asked questions, legal guidance, and links to other useful sites. You can also access valuable information about specific topics, including the premium tax credit for individuals, rules and responsibilities for employers, as well as tax provisions for insurers, tax-exempt organizations and other businesses.
Aside from, we also post new guidance and information about the health care law on the official IRS Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook accounts. You can also access a web-based IRS flyer, Health Care Law Online Resources, for links to other federal agencies that also have a role in the health care law.

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